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"Old Town, Wilderness Systems, Emotion represent the best of the best. With so many great manufacturers and new and unique models we are constantly evolving our lineup of kayaks. Talk to our staff to get you into the best boat for you!"

Cannon Paddles

Nokomis Hybrid


Old Town

Heron 11 XT

$559.99 ON SALE

Old Town

Dirigo 106

$749.99 ON SALE

Old Town

Dirigo 120

$849.99 ON SALE


Pamlico 135T

$979.99 ON SALE


Tsunami 120

$1,049.99 ON SALE


Tsunami 125

$1,049.99 ON SALE

Old Town

Heron 11

$489.99 ON SALE


Stingray Aluminum



Spitfire SOT



Axis 12

$899.99 ON SALE

Old Town

Vapor 10 Angler

$519.99 ON SALE


Pungo 100



Tarpon 120 Angler



Tarpon 100



Aspire 10.5 w/skeg

$760.00 ON SALE


Daytripper Paddle



3 1/4 Paring Knife (PRICE IS FOR 6 KNIVES)


Original 10'6

$949.99 ON SALE

Womens Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiker


Airflo Hat


LED Hoop Light

$209.99 ON SALE

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         Nokomis Hybrid   Nokomis
            Less weight, less weight, less weight. The Nokomis hybrid comes in at a light 31oz. with a great blade design for better entry and exit from the water resulting in less fatique and more fun.

         Heron 11 XT   Heron 11 XT
            The Heron 11 XT combines comfort and features that are perfect for entry level paddlers at an affordable price.

         Dirigo 106   Dirigo 106
            A 10'6" version of the time tested, best selling model. Comfortable seat with well positioned thigh pads make for a universally well received fit. Small day hatch and organizer in front with a full back hatch gives you plenty of options.

         Dirigo 120   Dirigo 120
            Versatile enough to use for poking around the shore, yet quick enough to take you across the lake or down the river. The 120 features a comfortable seat, dash board storage, thigh pads and a full and easy access back hatch.

         Pamlico 135T   Pamlico 135T
            Lots of space for gear, Phase 3 seating system and space for comfort all wrapped in a Wilderness high quality, high performance shell. What more could you want in a Tandem, Rec boat?

         Tsunami 120   Tsunami 120
            Whether for a couple of hours or a weekend this boat can do it all for that mid-size paddler. Phase 3 seating system, thigh braces and bow and stern dry storage. This is a discontinued model w/ the "old" Phase 3 seat. Limited Quantities.

         Tsunami 125   Tsunami 125
            Slightly deeper, fuller cockpit than the 120. Still with all the features that make this a great multi-purpose boat. Phase 3 seating system, thigh braces, bow and stern dry storage.

         Heron 11   Heron 11
            Adjustable comfort flex seat with extra padding. Stern hatch provides space for storing gear. Adjustable support Track foot braces and thigh pads ensure control. Comfortable carrying handles.

         Stingray Aluminum   Stingray Aluminum
            Year after year this is our best seller. A more refined blade for better entry and pull thru the water. Higher quality and lower weight than your entry level paddle.

         Spitfire SOT   SpitfireSOT
            9 foot length. Weight is 45 pounds. Capacity is 350 pounds.

         Axis 12   Axis 12
            The Axis 12 with the adjustable drop down skeg just allows a wide degree of paddling options. Greater directional control in wide open areas to go along with great comfort and stabilty all the time.

         Vapor 10 Angler   Vapor 10 Angler

         Pungo 100   Pungo 100

         Tarpon 120 Angler   tarpon120ang
            For the angler poised to fish all season in all waters, the Tarpon is the ultimate workhorse. Its award- winning design offers both agility and speed to zip from spot to spot, but also the right amount of stability for fighting fish or rough waters.

         Tarpon 100   Tarpon100
            Versatile sit-on-top offers stunning performance for surf play, ponds, lakes, and bays. Larger tankwell boasts even more capacity than previous 14-foot models.

         Aspire 10.5 w/skeg   aspire105
            Great on flat or slow moving water, the versatile Aspire combines easy handling and maneuverability with great stability. Drop down Skeg

         Daytripper Paddle   Daytripper Paddle
            An excellent entry level paddle. 2 piece aluminum, offset capable with drip rings and at about 38 oz. hard to go wrong for your first paddle.