In-Ground or Portable Basketball hoop?

It is tough sometimes to know which hoop to purchase. There are certainly lots of options out there. The first thing that you want to consider is whether to buy an in-ground unit or a portable unit. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Let's go over them.

In-Ground hoops

There are two main advantages to buying an in-ground hoop. The first is that they play significantly better. The rebound will be better and more consistent. The second advantage is durability. In-ground hoops installed by us will last you decades. 

The main disadvantage of in-ground hoops is price. They are significantly more expensive for the units themselves and for the installation. The other disadvantage is that they are stationary. 

Portable Hoop

The main advantage to a portable hoop is the price. You can buy a Lifetime portable unit from us for only $379.99 and $125 to have it delivered and assembled locally. In ground units start at over $1000 and cost $300-$500 to have them installed.